What Is A Hybrid Appraisal

A hybrid appraisal is a real estate valuation approach that combines aspects of both traditional appraisals and automated valuation models (AVMs).

In a hybrid appraisal, a third party inspector typically conducts an full interior and/or exterior inspection of the property to assess its condition and surroundings. They then use digital tools and data sources, such as public records and comparable sales data, to analyze and determine the property’s value. 

It’s the best of both worlds. While a property data collector visits the property and evaluates its condition, their expertise is complemented by digital tools and additional insights. This helps provide a more accurate valuation efficiently, saving time and potentially lowering costs.

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Hybrid Appraisals vs Traditional Appraisals

While both traditional and hybrid appraisals aim to estimate a property’s market value, they differ in their approach to property inspection, data analysis, time and cost efficiency, and level of detail. The choice between the two appraisal methods often depends on the property type, purpose of the appraisal, timeframe, and budget constraints.

Property Inspection

In a traditional appraisal, an appraiser conducts a comprehensive inspection of both the exterior and interior of the property. In a hybrid appraisal, a third party inspector conducts an exterior inspection, or both interior and exterior, but also relies on online data and technology. 

Data Analysis

A traditional appraisal relies heavily on the appraiser’s expertise and firsthand observations during the property inspection. A hybrid appraisal combines the property data collector’s observations from the exterior inspection with digital tools and data analysis. The appraiser utilizes technology and data sources, such as public records and automated valuation models (AVMs), to supplement their assessment of the property’s value.

Time and Cost

Traditional appraisals usually take longer to complete and may be more expensive due to the comprehensive property inspection and manual data analysis involved. Hybrid appraisals are often faster and may be more cost-effective since they require less time for the property inspection and leverage technology for data analysis. The appraiser saves time by contracting the inspection out to a property data collector. At Akrivis, we can complete hybrid appraisals in as little as 5 business days. 

Accuracy and Precision

Traditional appraisals are known for their thoroughness and attention to detail, as appraisers have direct access to the property’s interior and can assess its condition more comprehensively.

Hybrid appraisals are accurate, but are more limited property inspection and rely on technology for data analysis.

Benefits of Hybrid Appraisals

Hybrid appraisals are shaking up the valuation world, creating efficiency, cost-savings, and more. 

Fast & Efficient

Relying on digital tools and data analysis means hybrid appraisals can be completed faster than traditional appraisals. This means you receive valuation results faster, which can be especially beneficial in time-sensitive situations like refinancing or purchasing a property


Because hybrid appraisals require less time and resources compared to traditional appraisals, they often come with a lower price tag. 

Access to More Data

Hybrid appraisals leverage technology to access a wide range of data sources, including public records and historical sales data. This information can provide a more comprehensive view of the property’s value and market trends.


If you’re juggling multiple properties, hybrid appraisals allow you to grow and monitor your investments without sacrificing quality. 

Common Use Cases for Hybrid Appraisals 

Hybrid appraisals can be beneficial when a quick and cost-effective valuation is needed without sacrificing accuracy. By combining the expertise of licensed appraisers with data analysis and technology, hybrid appraisals offer a versatile solution for obtaining accurate property valuations efficiently.

Mortgage Refinancing

If you’re a homeowner looking to refinance your mortgage, you may need a current appraisal of your property’s value. Hybrid appraisals can provide timely and cost-effective valuation reports, allowing you to proceed with the refinancing process efficiently.

Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit

Similar to mortgage refinancing, home equity loans or lines of credit require property appraisals to determine the amount you can borrow. Hybrid appraisals can expedite this process, empowering lenders and enabling borrowers to access their home equity more quickly.

Portfolio Valuations

If you’re a real estate investor or property manager who needs to assess the value of multiple properties in your portfolio, you may benefit from hybrid appraisals. The streamlined process allows for faster valuation of multiple properties, saving time and reducing costs.

Pre-listing Valuations

If you want to determine the market value of your property before listing it, use hybrid appraisals to obtain a quick and reliable valuation. This can help you set an appropriate listing price and attract potential buyers.

Estate Planning and Settlement

If you’re an executor or involved in estate planning, you may need property appraisals for tax purposes or asset distribution. Hybrid appraisals offer a cost-effective solution for assessing property values as part of the estate planning process.

Insurance Purposes

Insurance companies may use hybrid appraisals to assess the value of properties for insurance coverage purposes. This can help ensure adequate coverage in the event of damage or loss.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals

When disputing property tax assessments, you may use hybrid appraisals to provide evidence of your property’s value. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of hybrid appraisals can be advantageous in these cases.

Get Fast & Accurate Hybrid Appraisals

At Akrivis, we offer a variety of hybrid appraisal options for both commercial and residential properties, including: 

  • Hybrid Appraisal, No Site Visit
  • Hybrid Appraisal, Exterior Site Visit
  • Hybrid Appraisal, Exterior and Interior Site Visit

All of our USPAP-compliant hybrid appraisal reports are completed by our experienced licensed appraisers, ensuring they’re accurate and detailed. 

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