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Real Estate Valuations for Banks and Lenders

Understanding the real estate market and property values is essential to mitigating risk, meeting profit goals, and helping clients make smart financial decisions. But pricey property appraisals and extended wait times can make your financial institution less competitive and cause you to miss mutually-beneficial opportunities with customers. 

Akrivis offers various real estate valuations to lenders, banks, mortgage brokers, and other financial institutions. Our upfront pricing and quick turnaround time of just five business days help you streamline your lending process, close more loans, and save your borrowers money.


Lender Valuation Services

While full appraisals can take weeks, our property evaluations, hybrid appraisal reports, and inspections provide the best possible data in five business days or less. Our fast, efficient, cost-effective real estate valuation services help you make strategic lending decisions.

Property Evaluations

Evaluations are the best cost-effective property value resource for mortgages, new construction, refinancing, HELOC, and investment properties and portfolios. Our evaluations look at key factors impacting property value, including property age, location, conditions, etc. All reporting follows standard appraisal practices and is 100% compliant with FIRREA, HDMA, and IAG regulations.

Hybrid Appraisal Reports

Hybrid Appraisal Reports (HARs) are a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to traditional, full narrative property appraisals. These reports are completed by certified appraisers and follow all Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines. 

Property Inspections

Our team provides property inspections in a cost-effective, timely manner. This frees your team to focus on internal value-add tasks, meet business goals, and provide faster, more efficient service to borrowers. 

Appraisal Review

Our experts will review another appraiser’s work for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation to help protect you and your customers.

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Why Work With Akrivis

We use the latest technology and data analysis tools to provide accurate real estate valuations that minimize risk and secure more loans. Our lending partners — and their clients — benefit from our unmatched speed, expertise, and ongoing communication throughout the lending process. 

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Fast & Compliant

Today’s real estate market moves fast. To serve customers, lenders must keep up while maintaining proper due diligence and compliance. We provide thorough property evaluations in five days or less and remain compliant with important state and federal regulations.

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Seamless Process

We use the latest technology, team-based appraisals, and a flexible network of expert photography contractors for our property valuation services. You get fast and reliable property valuations without the hassle, freeing up your team to work on additional value-add tasks.

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Years of Expertise

For more than 5 years, Akrivis has been a go-to real estate valuation partner for banks, lenders, and financial institutions of all sizes. We’ve built a strong reputation based on our attention to detail, thoroughness, and customer service. Our team of valuation experts will guide you through the process, provide thorough explanations and reports, and answer any questions you may have.

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