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Lending building, Akrivis commerical real estate valuation services.

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Akrivis will keep you on track with our broad range of products that meet virtually every lending need. Use our online portal to easily order your valuation and never worry about getting pricey quotes or lag time again. Our prices are already set, and our lead time is just 5 business days.

With Akrivis, you can confidently streamline your lending process and products by choosing accurate, efficient, and compliant Evaluations over full Appraisals. At a fraction of the cost and turn time, Evaluations are the best property value resource for mortgages, new construction, refinance, HELOC, and investment properties/portfolios.

Our Solutions help you close more loans, set you apart, and save time and money for your borrowers:


Our Real Estate Evaluations are a perfect quick and inexpensive solution when refinancing or when the loan amount is within federal regulations. Our team of valuation experts follow standard appraisal practices when providing a value for the property. All reporting is 100% FIRREA, HMDA, and IAG compliant.

Restricted Appraisal Reports

Do you want a less expensive approach to value than the traditional full narrative appraisal? Our Restricted Appraisal Reports are completed by Certified General Appraisers and follow all USPAP guidelines. They are much less expensive than a full narrative appraisal and completed in significantly less time!

Property Inspections

Need a property inspected but don’t want to send your lenders or other staff because they have more value-added things to do? Our team can do those inspections for you in a cost effective, timely manner.

Appraisal Review

Review of another appraiser’s work for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Use our online form to enter property information in minutes, and within 5 business days receive your specified Real Estate Evaluation or contact us below to discuss your needs.

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