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just a fast property valuation — they
expect a trusted advisor.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver accurate, compliant, and cost-effective evaluations and appraisals within 5 business days or less for residential, commercial, and agricultural/vacant properties.

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As we focus on our customers, we want to help you do your job efficiently and make smart decisions concerning real estate investments. With that in mind, we also promise to…

Help banks & lenders efficiently identify, capture, and maintain more real estate loans.

Help fiduciary and trust officers keep track of their portfolio and stay compliant.

Help attorneys and legal teams settle values without sacrificing cost and time.

Help all individuals be in the know on the value of real estate.

Meet the Akrivis Experts

We have a team of seasoned experts dedicated to making your real estate valuation process quick and painless—but more importantly, accurate and compliant.

Whether you’re in need of a commercial, residential, farm, or vacant property evaluation, the hardworking team at Akrivis is ready to get to work.

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Jim Danielson - Chief Culture Officer at Akrivis
Chief Culture Officer
Lee DeGroot - Chief Financial Officer at Akrivis
Chief Financial Officer
Nate Vosters - Chief Operations Officer at Akrivis
Chief Operations Officer
Trendon Albers - Operations Manager at Akrivis
Operations Manager
Javan Coffey - VP of Sales & Marketing at Akrivis
VP of Sales & Marketing

“We have a culture of creating relationships and challenging current ideas and processes. It’s a pure continuous improvement environment and it’s launching us to levels we never knew possible.”

Our Core Values

To help us deliver on our above promise and better serve our customers, we strive to align every interaction and valuation report with our core values. 

We are Family

We respect and encourage each other and appreciate uniqueness. We are passionate and value diversity and inclusion. We value and support each other’s health, safety, and work/life balance.

Always Transparent

We are open and honest in all interactions, sharing our data, processes, information, mistakes, and victories. We hold each other accountable. Our flexibility and availability to our customers and team is abundant.

Embrace Growth & Innovation

We are comfortable being uncomfortable and strive to get better every day. We foster and enhance customer relationships while seeking to learn and develop. We offer to teach and mentor customers and fellow team members.

Be Admirable

We guard our integrity by doing the right thing — always. We strive for quality and precision in our work, products, and services. We act like owners and honor our word and commitments. We choose candor, respect, and kindness.

We are a Boatload of Fun

Positivity is our attitude of choice. We have infectious spirits and bring enthusiasm and excitement to all we do. There’s no reason that’s too small to celebrate.

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