Individual Customer Real Estate Valuation Services

Commerical building, Akrivis commerical real estate valuation services.

Want to know the value of your real estate? We can help! We provide solutions for property valuation, no matter need!

With Akrivis, you can confidently make real estate decisions by choosing accurate, efficient, and compliant Evaluations versus expensive, time-consuming, full Appraisals. Our evaluations are the best property valuing resource for buying, selling, renting, or flipping real estate!

Are you: Buying/Selling a home? For sale by owner? Unhappy with an appraisal? Real Estate investor? Realtor? Curious about your property value?

Property Evaluation

Want to know the market value of your real estate parcel, but don’t want to spend the time or the money on an appraisal? Our team of valuation specialists will use the same approaches that an appraiser does to calculate a market value, but it won’t cost nearly as much!

Restricted Appraisal Report

A great solution for when you want the backing of a Certified General Appraiser when valuing your parcel, but don’t want the cost or wait of a full narrative appraisal. The restricted appraisal report follows USPAP guidelines and is a great solution when all you need is a market value of your property.

Use our online form to enter property information in minutes, and within 5 business days receive your home valuation or contact us below to discuss your needs.

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Evaluation vs. Appraisal

Features Evaluation Appraisal
Provides Market Value
Includes Sales Comparison Approach
Option to Include Cost & Income Approaches
Option to Include Interior Walkthrough
Quick Turnaround
Cost Effective
Completed by a Licensed Appraiser
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