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Agricultural building, Akrivis agricultural real estate valuation services.

Ag & Vacant Land Valuations

We offer a suite of tools and solutions for all your vacant or agriculture real estate valuation needs. Our vacant land and agriculture services apply to property that is 20 acres or more. Properties smaller than 20 acres would fit into our residential or commercial real estate valuation services.

Time is money icon, Akrivis provides faster valuations while remaining compliant in the agricultural sector

Time is Money

Time is money—and waiting around for 4 weeks or more to receive your commercial real estate appraisal is a waste of both. With recent FDIC compliance changes that accept valuations as an alternative to full-scale appraisals, we saw an opportunity to get real estate evaluations completed in a faster, more efficient manner, while still remaining compliant.

Akrivis seamless icon, Akrivis has a technology driven process designed for the agricultural sector

Seamless Process

We developed a seamless process that includes technology solutions, team-based appraisals and harnessing the speed and flexibility of a network of expert photography contractors to deliver accurate appraisals in half the time of our competitors’ turnaround time.

Akrivis services icon, akrivis offers a suite of valuation services in the agricultural sector

Suite of Valuation Services

From on-site and desktop evaluations to restricted appraisals, we offer a suite of valuation tools and solutions for your higher value commercial real estate valuation needs.

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Individual Valuation Service Headline

We can help you with your real estate valuation – whether you’re going through a divorce
or just buying and/or selling a property – we’ll get you a quick and accurate appraisal.

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Our Services

All listed services are delivered in 5 business days or less.

A laptop computer showing the Akrivis portal used in agricultural valuations

Vacant Land or
Agriculture Valuations

Evaluation, No Site Visit

Desktop evaluation executed completely online using sales comparison approach, utilizing online data and analysis of property—with optional add of cost and income approach.

Evaluation, Exterior Site Visit

Evaluation completed based on on-site exterior inspection and photos.

A phone showing the Akrivis iVue app, the Akrivis property image collection tool used in agricultural valuations

Restricted Appraisal Reports

Restricted Appraisal Reports (RAR) are general reports that provide the customer with a bottom-line conclusion regarding the value of a property. While more robust evaluations will detail specific findings and the research process, RARs are brief, less descriptive and are often used for planning rather than for lending purposes.

Restricted Appraisal, No Site Visit

Appraisal executed completely online using a USPAP-compliant appraisal completed by a certified appraiser, with dissertation and adjustments made by a certified appraiser

Restricted Appraisal, Exterior Site Visit

Appraisal executed using a USPAP-complaint appraisal completed by a certified appraiser, with dissertation and adjustments made by a certified appraiser. Supplemented by on-site exterior inspection and photos.

Additional Services

Appraisal Review

Review of another appraiser’s work for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

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