Attorney/Legal Real Estate Valuation Services

Commerical building, Akrivis commerical real estate valuation services.

Settlement/Legal Solutions

Akrivis will keep you on track with our broad range of Evaluation products that meet virtually all areas of Legal practice Real Estate needs. Use our online portal to easily order valuations and never worry about getting pricey quotes or lag time again. Our prices are already set, and our lead time is just 5 business days.

With Akrivis, you can confidently streamline legal processes by choosing accurate, efficient, and regulated Evaluations over full Appraisals. At a fraction of the cost and turn time, Evaluations are the best property value resource for legal concentrations in Bankruptcy, Divorce, Probate, Inheritance as well as Trust and Estate law.

Real Estate Settlement Report

Our team of valuators follow appraisal guidelines to create a market approach to value your client’s real estate, saving time, money, and alleviating the stresses involved in the settlement process.

Real Estate Settlement Appraisal

Upgrade to the Real Estate Settlement Appraisal when the situation calls for it. Our team of Certified General Appraisers will follow USPAP guidelines when valuing the property.

Use our online form to enter property information in minutes, and within 5 business days receive your specified valuation or contact us below to discuss your needs.

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