Attorney/Legal Real Estate Valuation Services

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Real Estate Valuations for Attorneys and Legal Teams

Real estate is often a key asset in legal settlements and disputes. Accurate and timely real estate valuations minimize ongoing legal headaches and ensure fair compensation for all those involved. That’s where we come in. 

Akrivis provides a broad range of real estate valuation products and services designed for legal teams like yours. You can streamline legal processes by choosing accurate, efficient, and regulated evaluations over full-scale appraisals. You’ll get the information you need to present a strong case at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time.

Legal Valuation Services & Solutions

While complete appraisals can take weeks, our property evaluations, real estate settlement reports, and settlement appraisals provide key insights for your case in five business days or less. Because they’re faster and more cost effective than a full appraisal, evaluations are valuable for legal issues surrounding bankruptcy, divorce, probate, inheritance, and estate law.

Real Estate Settlement Report

Our settlement statements provide a current market value for real estate involved in any settlement type. We follow appraisal guidelines to create a market approach to value your client’s real estate, saving time and alleviating the stress of the settlement process.

Real Estate Settlement Appraisal

You can opt for a real estate settlement appraisal when the situation demands it. Our team of certified appraisers will follow Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines when valuing the property, ensuring you have all the details and research you need to make a strong case for your client.

Appraisal Reviews

Need a second opinion on an existing appraisal? Our experts will review another appraiser’s work for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation to help protect you and your clients.

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Why Work With Akrivis

We use the latest technology and data analysis tools to provide accurate real estate valuations for legal teams and firms. We’re known for our speed, expertise, and ongoing communication, which helps ensure fast and efficient settlements for your clients.

Use our online form to enter property information in minutes, and within 5 business days receive your specified valuation or contact us below to discuss your needs.

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Fast & Compliant

We provide thorough property evaluations in five days or less and remain compliant with important state and federal regulations. Our fast turnaround time helps your team avoid costly delays and keep settlements moving forward. 

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Seamless Process

Our real estate valuation process relies on the latest technology and data, a flexible network of skilled photographers, and a team-based approach. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting the fastest and most up-to-date reports, freeing up your team to work on additional value-add tasks.

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Years of Expertise

Akrivis has been a go-to real estate valuation resource for legal teams and law firms for 5 years. Our attention to detail, thoughtful input, and customer service have helped many law firms settle disputes out of court and avoid ongoing legal issues. Our team of experts will talk you through the report and answer any questions you may have. 

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