Real Estate Valuation Services for Divorce Settlement

Going through a divorce is never easy. Real estate is often a pivotal piece of any divorce settlement, which means understanding market value is important for all parties involved. Let our team of experienced property valuation experts ease some of the stress with quick turnaround time and accurate valuations. 

Our real estate valuations provide you and your legal representatives with the information you need to move forward. We can evaluate residential properties, commercial properties, and even agricultural and vacant land

If you’re going through a divorce, you’ve got enough to worry about. We’ll get you a valuation report in five business days or less — no waiting, no hassle, and nothing holding up the divorce settlement process. 

Our reports are thorough and accurate to help you make informed decisions for your family and your future.

The Real Estate Valuation Process is Simple

Ready to get started? We’ll do everything we can to support you during this major life transition. Here’s how the process works…

Click “Order Now” below and answer a few questions about the subject property, so our team of certified experts can develop a fair market value within five business days or less. 

Image of lawyer and client referencing that lawyers approve Akrivis' real estate valuation services for individual customer divorce settlements
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