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Fast & Compliant

When the real estate market is hot, or you’re going through a major life transition, waiting around for weeks to receive your residential real estate appraisal isn’t an option. As an alternative to full-scale appraisals, we offer real estate evaluations in half the time of our competitors while remaining compliant with federal regulations.

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Seamless Process

The last thing you need when buying. selling, or renovating is more headaches, red tape, and extra tasks on your to-do list. Our seamless real estate valuation process uses the latest technology solutions, team- based appraisals, and a flexible network of expert photography contractors to give you the best property valuations with minimal effort on your part.

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Variety of Valuation Services

Every property is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding its market value. From construction and tax bill validations to desktop, exterior, and interior evaluations and Hybrid Appraisal Reports, we offer a variety of real estate valuation tools and solutions for your residential and rental property valuation needs.

Appraisals vs Valuations

A home appraisal is an estimate from a real estate professional based on recent sales data and prices of similar properties in the local area. It’s a rough figure provided by the agent or real estate professional, relying on their knowledge of the area and familiarity with the local market. This estimate is not a definitive value but serves as a guide to determine a possible price range. It can give homeowners an idea of how much their property might sell for in the current real estate market and help them assess the potential return on investment or profit margin.

On the other hand, a home valuation is a formal process that determines the exact price or value of the property. It involves a qualified valuer who assesses various features of the property, including its location, physical attributes, building structure and condition, accessibility, local council zoning, special features, and potential limitations. A valuation results in a precise value for the property, and the valuer provides a written report explaining how and why that value was reached. While a fee is charged for the valuation, it is a crucial basis for property settlement, legal disputes, asset accounting and management, and obtaining loans from banks. It offers a detailed and formal assessment of the property’s worth.

Need to Know the Value of Your Home or Property?

Whether you need to know the value of a property due to a divorce, handling a loved one’s estate, or just buying and selling a property, our team can help you find the right service to meet your needs and get you an accurate value in 5 days or less.

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Residential Valuations

Our residential real estate valuations provide a detailed overview of the home and property utilizing data from the local market and similar residential properties. These evaluations adhere to interagency guidelines and follow appraisal best practices, making them an asset for legal and lending purposes.

Residential Evaluation, No Site Visit

This residential property evaluation is completed using the latest online imagery and resources.

Residential Evaluation, Exterior Site Visit

This residential property evaluation is completed using on-site exterior inspection and photos.

Residential Evaluation, Exterior and Interior Site Visit

This residential evaluation is based on on-site exterior and interior inspections and photos. We work with an on-site contact to complete the interior assessment.

A phone showing the Akrivis iVue app, the Akrivis property image collection tool designed for the residential sector

Hybrid Appraisal Reports

Hybrid Appraisal Reports (HAR) are generalized reports completed by a licensed appraiser that provide a bottom-line conclusion regarding the home or residential complex’s value.

Hybrid Appraisal, No Site Visit

Appraisal executed completely online using a USPAP-compliant appraisal completed by a certified appraiser, with dissertation and adjustments made by certified appraiser.

Hybrid Appraisal, Exterior Site Visit

This appraisal is completed by a certified appraiser using a USPAP-compliant evaluation supplemented by on-site exterior inspections and photos of the property. The dissertation and adjustments are also made by a certified appraiser.

Hybrid Appraisal, Exterior and Interior Site Visit

This USPAP-compliant appraisal, dissertation, and adjustments are completed by a certified appraiser. It includes on-site exterior and interior inspections and photos. We work with an on-site contact for the interior review.

New Construction

Building a new home? Accurately evaluating residential properties under construction can be challenging due to many unknown factors. Our valuations look at comparable sales of similar properties and other key factors to provide the best estimate of the property’s completed value.

Evaluation Pre-Construction, Cost Approach and Post-Construction Verification

This full evaluation is performed “as complete” during pending construction. The report will include an estimated completed market value and additional details about the research process, resources, and data used.

Hybrid Appraisal Pre-Construction, Cost Approach and Post-Construction Verification

This USPAP-compliant hybrid appraisal report is performed “as complete” of pending construction. The report, dissertation, and adjustments are completed by a certified appraiser and supplemented by on-site inspection and photos. The document will include the estimated post-construction real estate value.

Additional Services

Appraisal Review

Need a second opinion or additional insights about your residential property? We can review another appraiser’s work to ensure regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Why Work With Akrivis

We use the latest technology and data analysis tools to provide accurate real estate valuations for residential properties of all sizes and conditions. Our speed, customer service, and communication throughout the valuation process ensure you get what you need in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

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